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Vacation Property Mortgages

Nowadays the tendency of purchasing real estate in some remote and unspoilt areas has become extremely popular. The reason for this phenomenon is the desire of city dwellers, who take care of their health, to get away from the city hustle and bustle and breathe fresh air enjoying gorgeous sceneries of countryside. Dusty and noisy city streets are sometimes so annoying that cause an acute need for proper rest. Many residents of big cities try to buy vacation property and adapt it according to their needs and wants.

Mortgage in Costa Rica for the purchase of real estate by foreigners is available. Mortgage lending has a number of foreign banks operating in the country and individuals who have citizenship of the UK, the USA and Canada can get this mortgage loan freely.

National banks of Costa Rica require a borrower resident status. In both cases, banks require proof of solvency of the borrower and information about the source of income. In addition, in Costa Rica it is important to confirm one’s relationship with the country to prove a certain activity in it. In rare cases, some private banks can grant credit for the purchase of real estate by non-resident (including citizenship of Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries). This may be the case if a foreigner demonstrates the intention to live and work in Costa Rica - if he already has a successful business or family in this country. The credit rate, term and amount of lending to foreigners in Costa Rica are determined individually.

The prices of land and real estate in Costa Rica are usually listed per square meter, but sometimes also measured in terms of acres (4.049 square meters) or "Manzano" (7.023 square meters). Specific figures? For example, a modest four-room homes for sale with kitchen, bathroom, amongst an acre of land and orchard, but far from the sea costs about $39.000. The same type structure and with the same piece of land on the Pacific coast is much more expensive - $65.000.

As for the prices for homes for sale here, the might be hundreds of thousands of dollars. One-storey house in the style of "the ranch" with all the amenities on a plot of land 4 acres, with fruit garden, you can buy for $130.000. There are lots more: 30 acres on the coast, planted with banana, orange, lemon trees and avocado, plus a two-storey house with two bathrooms and a garage is estimated at $300.000. About the same homes for sale with separate guest house is up to $450.000.

Helen Green, real estate expert, about vacation property mortgages opportunities. Read the article and take advantage of Costa Rica Homes Search to find the best property for your vacation.

Click here and you will find 3 reasons to invest in vacation property.

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